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Downtime expected shortly as all LEDAS services are moved to a new server.

The ARchive Network InterfacE - "ARNIE"

ARNIE is the WWW interface to the databases supported by the LEDAS. It is designed to be fairly intuitive to use. The basic functionality of the interface is described in the quick help, but first-time users are advised to follow the tutorial which takes you through the system in some detail.

There are two methods to find the ARNIE table you want. Standard ARNIE sub-divides the database tables by mission and catalog type. However some may find it easier to use the new ARNIE Index, which provides a full listing of all the tables. The ARNIE Index includes additional information on the number of rows and parameters associated with each table.

If you want to send the same query to a number of different database centres, you may find it easist to use Astrobrowse (link in navigation bar below). This service is not yet operational.

Users in the USA are reminded that much of the data held by LEDAS can also be found through the W3BROWSE interface at HEASARC.

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